6 ways marketers can ensure clean customer data

  1. Make customer data your number one PRIORITY: Above brand, above defining your customer segment, above everything… If you have a clear view into your data, the rest will come more easily (including defining your value proposition!).
  2. Get a resource ONLY for data management: Getting one person to data is key. That person will devise ways to keep data clean and help sort data as it comes in (and we all know how time-consuming that is!).
  3. INTEGRATE all your marketing software: Having lists and data in a CRM and Marketing Automation Software that aren’t integrated is just foolish! With the speed of business today, how can you keep data clean in this way?
  4. TRAIN your sales team to use the software: You need to have a solid training strategy and potentially a resource dedicated to helping the sales team with inbound lead management and CRM training. It is our responsibility to ensure their user adoption and that the process isn’t too heavy. They need to focus on SALES, not data. That is our problem, not theirs.
  5. Make data cleanliness a KPI for the company: If the entire company backs a good data management policy, all the better. That way, everyone understands and supports good data and lives by it.
  6. IDENTIFY & FOCUS only on the data that matters: I made this the last point but it just might be the most important one. There is just too much data to go around. You can’t consume it all and more importantly, you don’t need it all. So get rid of what you don’t need and focus on the data you do need. Your IT Security and Data Privacy Team will be happy you did as well (as an added bonus!).



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Sonia Dorais

Sonia Dorais

CEO & Automation Economy Expert. Former CMO & Marketer at heart leveraging 20 years in scaling B2B technology & SaaS businesses.