1. Customer Satisfaction

This goes without saying. If your customers aren’t happy, you won’t get customer references, you’ll get a horrible reputation (spread online) and your product/service simply won’t sell. Buyers are smart. They now look into reviews, ask their peers, get advice. That is B2B. …

1. Be in the know

You should definitely be following your company news and be aware of all the various activities happening in its various lines of business. This will not only help you become engaged in your job (which I assure you is great for your personal happiness) but…

Spending time running down late payments is an unfortunate, and all too regular, part of running and small or medium business (SME). According to Dun and Bradstreet’s research, the average SME is owed around £63,881 in late payments.

Non-payment of invoices resulted in 35 percent of the 500 companies surveyed…

Marketing is fast. Really fast.

Speed and execution is critical.

Marketing is a highly versatile business function that operates in an environment that is highly scrutinized and continually changing. …

For modern marketers, there is nothing more important that good, clean data. And, still, most of us would admit that our data is a mess. Employee turnover, change management, technology changes, can all contribute to a data mess. …

With COVID-19 vaccines distribution now underway, we may finally have come to the beginning of the end of this long crisis.

Once the pandemic is over every business is going to have to assess their financial situation. This includes evaluating and rebuilding their accounts receivables.

In this post we’ll show…

Debt collection is a complex and difficult process, especially if that’s not what you set your business up to do.

There is also a certain stigma around debt collection services. Many business owners are afraid that contacting a debt collection agency will be expensive, complicated or that such aggressive tactics will destroy the relationship between them and their client.

The current pandemic has massively impacted the economy, creating some of the most difficult trading conditions for SMEs in decades. During these hard times, companies don’t want to risk their business reputation by employing an antagonistic debt recovery service.

But what if there was another way?

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After 15+ years in Marketing, focusing on alignment with sales, data, and technology, I was asked to step in as interim CEO of Chaser in 2020. While the choice of the Board was not the norm (Why don’t more CMOs become CEOs?), …

Modern marketers are connecting with customers and prospects in more meaningful ways than ever before. Behavioural marketing is becoming more prominent and the rise of technology, social networks and integrations are helping people be (and feel) more connected with their favourite brands.

Between CRMs, Marketing Automation Software and Predictive Analytics Platforms, technology now powers the online world and the data insights that come as a result of tracking customer journeys.

81% of CMOs say that data and analytics…

Sonia Dorais

CEO & CMO at Chaser

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