Debt collection is a complex and difficult process, especially if that’s not what you set your business up to do.

There is also a certain stigma around debt collection services. Many business owners are afraid that contacting a debt collection agency will be expensive, complicated or that such aggressive tactics will destroy the relationship between them and their client.

The current pandemic has massively impacted the economy, creating some of the most difficult trading conditions for SMEs in decades. During these hard times, companies don’t want to risk their business reputation by employing an antagonistic debt recovery service.

But what if there was another way?

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Modern marketers are connecting with customers and prospects in more meaningful ways than ever before. Behavioural marketing is becoming more prominent and the rise of technology, social networks and integrations are helping people be (and feel) more connected with their favourite brands.

Between CRMs, Marketing Automation Software and Predictive Analytics Platforms, technology now powers the online world and the data insights that come as a result of tracking customer journeys.

81% of CMOs say that data and analytics…

Sonia Dorais

CEO & CMO at Chaser

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