CEO & Automation Economy Expert. Former CMO & Marketer at heart leveraging 15+ years in scaling B2B technology & SaaS businesses, driving revenue and building value for shareholders, teams & users. Currently serving as CEO at Chaser, a fast-growing fintech scaleup, which has helped businesses across the globe chase $10B+ in payments. Having led numerous software companies to success as CMO, I am passionate about striking a balance between the power of the automation economy and the power of people. Finalist for the “Inspiring Women in Business” Award (2021) & featured in Financial Post, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance among others. Results-driven and armed with strong focus, I am an advocate for modern business practices: leading with kindness, the development of autonomic teams, systems thinking and the automation of all-things-manual in order to prioritize all-things-human.

Editor of Chaser


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