How NOT to become a marketing dinosaur

Marketing dinosaur

What is a marketing dinosaur anyways? Well, my definition would be along the lines of an outdated or obsolete marketer usually in the most senior marketing role of management in an organization. He or she asks you to print out your PowerPoint presentation so that he or she can follow it and make notes as you present. He or she doesn’t know how to text. And he or she is nowhere, yes nowhere, to be found on social media. In fact, he or she will never read or see this blog.

If you’re reading this blog, well, congratulations. You are probably not a marketing dinosaur.

What characteristics help make marketers current and modern and why is it so important to be that way?

Marketing is a critical and highly versatile business function that operates in an environment that is highly scrutinized and continually changing. Marketers nowadays are being challenged with big data, fast-changing software and technology and often need to wear various hats to fill growing gaps in the department as marketing evolves.

Here are some ideas on what marketers should do and what they need to stay current and be successful!

1. Go back to basics!

A lot of us have forgotten about the basics of marketing: choosing a target market and setting up the 4 P’s, conducting marketing research, preparing a SWOT analysis, etc. Sometimes going back to the basics can really be useful in creating and implementing successful marketing and IMC plans. Don’t be scared to go back to the basics!

2. Keep learning! And be curious!

If you are currently working in marketing, you will likely be nodding as you read this one. Having the basic knowledge of marketing today is simply not good enough. For today’s market, you need to be continuously learning, reading and attending conferences to stay on top of the latest trends and truly help your organization be competitive and successful.

Let’s face it. Marketing is dynamic. And it changes more quickly now than ever before. Truly modern marketers must stay up to date with these changes through by paying close attention to news that occurs in their particular industry, in the markets they serve, and among their potential customers.

3. Get some business skills and acumen!

Being a good marketer isn’t good enough. You need to understand and know business to really do your job efficiently. You need to have basic business skills like problem analysis and decision-making, oral and written communications, etc. You can learn a lot by reading business management books and thought leadership pieces online or simply by following the news and business leaders like Bill Gates, for instance.

4. Know the impact you have on the company!

You might think that this is your employer’s responsibility; but it’s not. You need to know that everything you do could help generate a sale and as such you are contributing to the overall success of a company. Marketers need to know how their decisions will impact other areas of the company and must realize that marketing decisions are not made in isolation. Don’t ever silo yourself or your department from the rest of the company. That is a recipe for failure!

5. Be tech-savvy!

Modern marketers must have a strong understanding of technology both because they will be using it to conduct marketing activities and to communicate with customers but also because they need to understand it as a tool that customer use Today’s marketers use technology as part of their everyday activities. They need to know how basic computer software is used, they need to be able to build spreadsheets or create slide more-than-awesome presentations, etc. In a market where our prospects and customers are overloaded with information, marketers must examine additional technologies that can improve the effectiveness of their strategies and also help them stand out from the crowd.

6. Be on social networks!

I get it. You don’t like social media. It’s your right. But you’ll never truly get it if you don’t use it. And if you don’t get it, you’ll never be able to be truly strategic in your social media plan.

7. Think globally!

Even local companies today need to envisage having a global marketing strategy in place. With the internet, a lot of organizations now and think on a global scale and can consider expending their reach.

But having a website that is accessible to hundreds of millions of people worldwide does not guarantee success. Modern global marketers must understand the nuances of international trade and cultural differences that exist between markets.

Don’t worry. If you have a passion for marketing, a lot of these actions and activities will come naturally anyways. And you’ll never be a marketing dinosaur. Not even in 50 years.

CEO & CMO at Chaser